THE FORTUNE FORMULA (Excerpt/First Draft 3/2/14)

THE FORTUNE FORMULA (Excerpt/First Draft 3/2/14)



As a child and product of the universe and this earth, we have inherited all the fundamental powers of the universe, the wisdoms of the ages, and the sustain-abilities of the earth, now what are we to do?

I was once at Burning Man in the Nevada desert for a festival celebrating the art of life and transformation. One of the participants in our theme camp, the Church of Wow!, brought with him a very large portable screen and projector for showing films. After it was all set up, he asked what to do now? “Turn it on,” we replied.

We have all the equipment and tools for projecting the life we want to have, so what to do? Turn it on. Do it. Get busy. Create the life of your design. Create, create, create.

You are born out of creativity to create. It’s your mission – to create your life, your universe, your world, yourself.

Again, the primal forces of the universe show us how to do that. All of life is a wave. Everything, every moment, every person, every utterance, every situation, every every is a wave of vibration. Because you are a wave, you are naturally creative, for every wave is formed, constructed and shaped.

So, how do waves work, how do they create themselves. The waves of the sea give us the clearest graphic example. At the shore’s edge, you see frothing, white water chaos. Out of this soup of disorder and disorganization, molecules of water begin to gather together. The formation of a new wave has begun.

The first stages of any kind of creation happens in these stages. First there is chaos, then formation into an actual coherent, cohesive wave of mass in motion. Then we see a wave as a wave, maintaining and sustaining itself as it moves along, stabilizing and conserving itself. At some point, the wave diminishes or goes to its apogee and gets ready to break. Going to its breakpoint is what marks a wave as real breaker, not just another ripple in the fabric of existence.

The big wave life is the Fortune Formula way. To attain a rich life, you must be willing to break through the mediocrity and safety of living a “swell” life that doesn’t change, except evaporate. The Fortune Life necessarily goes through some kind of revolution and break away from past habits and patterns. In so doing, you impact the world to reform and re-energize it by making waves yourself. This is the universal process that every living organism goes through to realize it’s highest potential and purpose. The “bible” for understanding this organic and primordial creative way is George Land’s work, “Breakpoint and Beyond.”

To live the Formula, you cannot be too risk-aversive. You must be willing to live, really live! That requires coming out of a secure shell, engage the ups and downs of the world wheel of fortune and ride the waves of life. In truth, be the wave.

The first thing to know about your wave of creation is are you on your wave? I will never forget when the brilliant mythologist, Joseph Campbell, said that the day he woke up was the day he realized he was living somebody else’s story. Authenticity rules the Fortune Formula. Knowing your unique and original self and creating your life your way is the first principle in the Formula. The Formula is not just a manifestation technique but a way of life, a creative, renewable lifestyle in which life is meant to be a full actualization of yourself and the rewards that attend it.

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