“RE” YOURSELF: The Holy Grail Today!

“RE” YOURSELF: The Holy Grail Today!

The new success is to be sustain-able, so the holy grail of today is to renew and re-renew – to “re.” The challenge and opportunity in this 21st century is to “re”—refresh our minds and re-energize our bodies, recover and rebound from setbacks, rejuvenate emotionally, restart projects, reawaken creativity, repurpose life, reinvent work, retool and relearn skills, rekindle relationships, retreat and recess from situations, recuperate from wounds, rebalance finances, renegotiate agreements—re, re, re. Knowing how to be resilient, how to regenerate and recycle ourselves is the medicine and magic for this topsy-turvy world.

The single most effective way to “re” your life is to follow the “life-force,” the creative energy and prime mover
that brings us into being and sustains us. Call this spirit,god, mystery, the almighty, or whatever you like; there is some ineffable source of life that is the renewable supply of energy. To harness this power, exercise all parts of yourself to channel the life-force impulse, which is that something that turns us on emotionally, fires up the imagination, gets the heart pumping in the body, and inspires action. Move to what motivates you from moment to moment. This is not about thinking, or trying to do something right, or smart, or appropriate, or anything else but what moves you. With energy, anything is possible, especially overcoming mistakes and setbacks. There are, however, some caveats for this energized way of navigating your life, as we shall see in subsequent chapters.

Dedicating my life to this sustainable energy way of being has made me more spontaneous, free, and expressive, all of which has led me to be more creative, productive, and happy. And younger! It’s learning to ride the wave, whatever
emotion on the ocean of emotion, that gets you going. Don’t judge it, ride it! Surf your life to save your life. On this energy path, you will find your own flow and your own wave, which is your authentic way of authoring the life of your greatest heartfelt vision.

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